Video Art

Selected Video Work: 2002-2014

Mud Game

Mud Game (2014)     3:40 min/sound

Kuala Lumpur has a high density of construction sites, especially in the city centre. You cannot drive more than 5km without seeing one of these sites. They have become part of the city landscape. Development and chaos come together as one.

Morning 3

Morning (2011)          3:50 min/sound

In the morning, very loud dogs’ barking woke me up. I walked up to the window and saw a very unlikely scene, not the usual morning breezes and birds chirping. I quickly took out a camera and pressed “record”. Reality is blunt, straightforward, and intense. All is part of nature.

Ching Ming Festival

Ching Ming Festival (2011)            13:00 min/sound

A “home video” of my family visiting our ancestors’ graves during the memorial festival called Ching Ming Festival. It’s not often that the whole family comes together for an occasion, perhaps only a few times a year. My viewfinder witnesses a quiet and reserved family at this special moment.

Longest night

The Longest Night of Surviving from Losing Faith (2009)     15:20 min/color/sound

It’s a sleepless night after receiving some terrible news, forcing the artist to question the faith in her life. Throughout the night, she also suffered from mosquitoes’ bites.

In Solitude. A Camera Eye

In Solitude, a Camera-eye (2006)        4:15 min/color/sound

“It is already dark. The street in an American suburb is quiet. Only a homeless man is not inside and he asks the camerawoman for $.55. Apart from that there is only a specially observed atmosphere. In the second part, Malaysian palm trees stand in the darkness. Far away, fireworks go off. A poetic cinema. “ (written by Gertjan Zuilho, International Film Festival Rotterdam 2007)

Leap 2

Leap (2005)           4:55 min/color/sound

LEAP is a simple video featuring a nude jumping figure slowly cloning herself to create a rhythmic dance. The video eventually appears to be a “figure drawing in motion”.

The Breath of Time

The Breath of Time (2005)         13:00 min/sound

This is a musical video inspired by the lost industry in Buffalo, New York, specifically an abandoned grain elevator called “Cargill ‘S” where some musicians have started to make impromptu music at the site. The structure and the unpretentious quality of the place have unexpectedly revealed the most intimate and spiritual sounds.


Duet (2003)          8:35 min/sound/MiniDV

DUET is a sound meditation of integrity with a human voice and the sound of water pipes running through the building. DUET explores the relationships of self/other, self/space, and living forms/non-living forms in a shared space and time.


Face (s) (2002)       7:00 min/silent/MiniDV

A video performance superimposes five layers of video footage where each layer features a massage session focusing on one of the five senses: eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and skin. Playing with the opacities of the five layers, it creates a fluid and ever changing reality between movements and expressions.

In the Tank

In the Tank (2002)        3:00 min/color/sound/MiniDV

In the Tank is a one-act video with an upside down human face moving in the water, with a reflection of the camera’s viewfinder of the face staring at the viewfinder.  Together with the repetitive guitar solo, the piece creates an anxious yet playful emotional state of anticipation.